Labor Day & Ensuring Our Future Workforce
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Labor Day & Ensuring Our Future Workforce

This Labor Day weekend, we’d like to thank all the hardworking men and women who provide a wide range of invaluable contributions to our nation, economy, and prosperity.  Please note that our offices will be closed on Monday, September 3rd in observance of the holiday.


In recent years, it has become more apparent than ever that the labor shortage of skilled workers – trade craftsman, project management, on-site construction supervision, and others – combined with a large volume of construction activity has created an increased demand for these individuals.  According to the USG + U.S. Chamber Commercial Construction Index for Q2 2018, 56% of contractors are expecting a high degree of business impact due to skilled labor shortages over the next three years.


The current state of non-residential construction remains solid with continued growth expected through 2020 or 2021.  We, along with many others in our industry, are experiencing an increase in backlog. The Commercial Construction Index reports that in Q2 2018, 79% of contractors reported steady on increasing backlogs, with 41% experiencing and increase in the past three months. “We are experiencing an unprecedented backlog, one of the biggest in our company history.  As a result, we have boosted our recruiting efforts and we are actively seeking experienced Project Managers and Superintendents to help carry the load.  We are strategically preparing ourselves for the future,” said Mike McBride, President / Chief Operating Officer of Westwood Contractors.


Westwood-Contractors-Scholarship-tarrant-county-collegeAs champions of our industry it is our duty – not only of Westwood Contractors, but also of others in our industry – to foster and encourage interest in construction-related careers.  It is in our collective best interest to invest in securing a skilled workforce for the future.  Westwood’s commitment to this idea is reflected in our Scholarship Endowment for students enrolled in Tarrant County College’s Construction Management Program.  Our commitment is best summarized by this recent communication directed to all our employees:


“Over the last several years, Westwood has been adding funds to its annual Construction Technology program scholarship fund to ensure that it will continue to fund in perpetuity scholarships for outstanding students in need of financial assistance.  We believe this scholarship is a fitting way for the company to support and promote the entry of new professionals into our industry.  We also think it is an appropriate way to ‘pay it forward’ and share the success and personal rewards our industry has provided each of us with tomorrow’s leaders.  Each of you have made and continue to make a direct contribution to the company’s ability to be a good corporate citizen.  You should all take great pride in knowing that your efforts have ensured its future investment earnings guarantee that scholarships can be awarded to deserving students each year forever!  This accomplishment truly supports our values of diversity, innovation, integrity, loyalty, quality, and stewardship!”, said Bob Benda, Chief Executive Officer of Westwood Contractors, Inc.


With that in mind, we’d like to thank all those in today’s labor force.  A great deal of our success is the result of your hard work.  We also look forward to a promising future with those who will be entering the construction industry.


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