bebe (El Paso, TX)
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Bebe was moving from an existing store to a new 2,525 sq.ft. location within the same mall (Cielo Vista Mall at El Paso, TX). The project involved remodeling unoccupied tenant space to accommodate bebe’s new prototype store. Store highlights included a feature wall accented with custom hand-cut glass tiles, mirrored cabinets, fabric covered wall units, suspended polished metal ceiling panels, large format tile stone flooring, and custom finish metal lattice work applied over special laminated mirror at the storefront.


The project was a new prototype design in which the details were being refined as the first two stores were being built. This presented a challenge due to various interruptions throughout construction as changes and/or decisions were made. We had the benefit of quality key subcontractors who were able to be flexible and responsive to implement the changes as they occurred.


The City Inspector applied unrealistic requirements during the final building inspection process. The Mall Manager even lent a hand appealing to the Building Department in an effort to help in the situation. This teamwork proved to be of great benefit in persuading the jurisdiction to work with us and get the store open on time.