Helzberg Diamonds (Broomfield, CO)
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Helzberg Diamonds (FlatIron Crossing – Broomfield, CO)

We’ve just completed a remodel of a 1,908 SF Helzberg Diamonds jewelry store at FlatIron Crossing. Our scope of work included demolition, finish carpentry / fix install, doors frames & hardware, windows/glass/glazing, drywall/framing/acoustical, ceramic/stone flooring, carpeting, painting & wallcovering, fire sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC, air balance, electrical, and fire alarm. Over the course of the 10-week project two sewer line video inspections were conducted: one prior to the installation of the new sewer line and backfill of the new piping and showing the sewer line path from the restroom to the Landlord’s sewer main; and another near the completion of the project to ensure the line is clear of construction debris. The project was completed in May 2016.
“This looks FANTASTIC!!! I know it was a struggle with strikes, flooding, etc. I am very pleased with pulling this back together and working through the issues to open on time. The new simplified store front panels look really sharp and clean detailing. All in all simply wonderful! I can only imagine how excited the store is to get in, set up, and go to town on selling. Congratulations to everyone.”
“I cannot let this go without saying…we want this team on all our projects!!! We will work to schedule in order to allow this to happen as much as possible.”
– Parke R. Wellman, AIA, Divisional Vice President – Store Environment, Helzberg Diamonds
“Excellent – thank you for the update! Store looks great, especially given the tight time constraint you and Westwood were working under. My hat’s off to YOU!”
– Lesley R. Nasalroad, Director of Store Design and Construction, Helzberg Diamonds
“I just wanted to take a moment to commend Scott for the fantastic job he did on his first Helzberg remodel. Communication throughout the project was great. Whether it was dealing with request from inspectors, PO’s arriving late, material shortages or permit delays Scott was on it. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with Scott. I would also like to commend Robert for all his hard work. Hopefully he will get some well-deserved rest before his next project. He was on site day and night working to get us to the finish line. Thanks again for all the hard work.”
– Richard Ruck, Project Manager, EMG Corporation