All Our Superintendents are OSHA 30 Certified!



Fort Worth, TX (April 5, 2019)

Westwood Contractors’ Executive Team firmly believes the ability to deliver high quality projects goes hand-in-hand with a strong commitment to health, safety, and environmental standards. As part our commitment to safety, we instituted a new initiative last Fall requiring all our Superintendents to become OSHA-30 Certified. We are pleased to announce that as of February 2019 all of our current Superintendents have achieved that goal!

“Not only does this effort reinforce our safety culture, it helps us deliver exceptional service and value to our clients,” said David Kimberly, Vice President of Operations. “It’s another way we lead by example, setting the bar higher and insisting that all those on our jobsites follow suit. We have very strict standards in place for safety, quality, and service.”

The OSHA 30 certification provides a distinct complement to the Westwood’s ongoing safety education training program administered through ClickSafety. Each year we customize our ClickSafety program by selecting courses to create a relevant curriculum which our Superintendents are required to complete by year’s end.

Last Fall, Westwood started a similar initiative to have each of its Superintendents complete the Retail Contractors Association’s (RCA) Retail Superintendent Training Program. “Since having an OSHA 30 Certificate is one of the prerequisites for taking part in RCA’s program, it’s a natural next step in setting a higher standard of performance for our Superintendents,” said Mike McBride, President & Chief Operating Officer. It is important to note that while some aspects of the training are broadly applicable to general construction, RCA’s program is tailored to provide special training focused on the unique challenges and constraints of the retail environment. Westwood believes so strongly in the value of RCA’s program that one of our most senior and well-respected Superintendents was the first of our team to obtain an OSHA 30 Certification and was among the very first people to become a Certified Retail Superintendent through RCAs’ new program. As of this writing, six of our team members are now RCA Certified Retail Superintendents and we have plans for others to follow in the future.

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