Allen Crowley Officially Joins as Director of Construction


Allen Crowley officially joins Westwood Contractors as Director of Construction (02/02/24)

We are pleased to announce Allen Crowley as the latest addition to our leadership team in the role of Director of Construction. Allen’s transition from a consultant to a permanent member of our team marks a significant milestone for the company, leveraging his wealth of experience amassed through a multifaceted career in construction spanning over four decades. His expertise encompasses a diverse array of projects, including those within retail, restaurant, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors.

As an integral member of the leadership team, Allen plays a critical role overseeing the operations department, ensuring projects are completed with precision, within budget, and according to the highest quality standards. Allen is actively engaged in bringing consistent execution of established company procedures, evaluation of new technologies, process development, and aligning operations strategies with company objectives to enhance financial and project performance. 

As our commitment to continuous improvement drives every endeavor, Allen’s expertise plays a pivotal role in advancing this mission. Over the past year, he has proven to be very effective in this role, achieving dramatic improvement in our utilization of Procore as a consultant. His acceptance as a permanent member of the leadership team marks a significant step forward as we continue to set new standards of excellence in the construction industry.

We are confident that Allen (and his office-mate, Josh, pictured below) will continue to be a great champion of our values as an organization:  DIVERSITY, INNOVATION, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY, QUALITY, AND STEWARDSHIP!

 Allen Crowley, Director of Construction for Westwood Contractors, Inc.