RCA 2024 Superintendents Training & Annual Conference


Westwood Contractors: RCA Member and Silver Sponsor of RCA's 2024 Annual Conference

Our membership in the Retail Contractors Association (RCA) holds significant value for numerous reasons, with one standout benefit being the access to its comprehensive training programs. We're particularly excited about the upcoming Retail Superintendent Training Program scheduled for March 7th - 8th, 2024 in which several of our Superintendents are enrolled. This training opportunity perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering excellence by ensuring that our Superintendents are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge for all our projects.

We are also looking forward to the upcoming 2024 RCA Annual Conference! The conference will be held on March 8th-10th, 2024. Members of our leadership team will be participating including our Bob Benda (CEO), Mike McBride (President & COO), Allen Crowley (Director of Construction), Charbel Aoun (Preconstruction Manager), Ashlee Bellah (Controller), Jessica Elliott (HR Manager), and Angelica Palacios (Director of Marketing). 

The Annual Conference is always educational, informative, and fun! RCA consistently excels in fostering professionalism and integrity within the retail construction industry. Not only are we proud to be RCA members, we are a proud to be a sponsor (underwriter) of the Annual Conference.  We hope to see you there!  

For information regarding RCA's Superintendent Training

For information regarding RCA's Annual Conference