TCC Scholarship 2019



I wanted to share with all of you one of the ways that Westwood adds value to our community and serves as a champion of or industry. In 2014 working closely with the Tarrant County College Foundation, we set forth to establish the Westwood Contractors, Inc. Scholarship. This is one of many TCC Scholarship Endowments available to TCC students. The Westwood scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for students currently enrolled at Tarrant County College and pursuing an Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management. Those who are awarded the scholarship receive in-county tuition for up to 15 credit hours.

This scholarship is a fitting way for us to promote the industry, to provide opportunities for those interested in construction, and quite possibly those who may become our future leaders! Since the scholarship was established, recipients have included men and women of various ages and backgrounds. The scholarship is just one way that we support our core values of diversity, innovation, integrity, loyalty, quality, and stewardship!

Together, we make a difference. Because of you [our employees] and the contributions you make towards our success, we have been able to make this scholarship possible. Because of you, we are able to be good corporate citizens. You should take pride in the meaningful impact the scholarship has on its recipients. I know we are proud to have a team that makes this possible.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting Aldrin Prestosa, the most recent recipient of the scholarship. He was so happy to have received the scholarship. He expressed his gratitude over and over again. It was truly rewarding to see the joy it brought him and the opportunity it provided. I’ll be coordinating with him soon to develop his full story so I can share it with you all. Whether you realize it or not, you all are part of his story too! So on behalf of Aldrin, I thank you for making the scholarship possible and for giving him a chance to achieve his dreams!


Angelica Palacios
Director of Marketing

If you or someone you know may be eligible for the scholarship, please visit the following link for more details: