Veterans Day 2023


Westwood honors its employee military Veterans 2023.

Honoring our employee Veterans!

This coming Saturday, November 11th, our county will pause to honor the legions of war veterans who have protected our democracy since its inception.  Countless brave and selfless American men and women have put aside all else to serve to protect our country and our privileged way of life, many giving the ultimate sacrifice.  We here at Westwood are blessed to count among our colleagues many of those distinguished Americans who have served each of us through their military careers.  Each of  you whether your service was in combat or support, during time of outright war or as we tried to maintain the peace are appreciated.  We thank you for your service and are proud to work along side of each of you!  Please join me in saying “Thanks for your service!” to each of our Veterans and service members: 

 Carlos Cortez - Air Force  Robert Harrison_Air Force

Paul Laird_Air Force  Pat Nolan_Navy

  Chris Sliwinski_Navy  Dan Workman_Army