Founded in Barcelona, Mango is an international leader in fast fashion, offering menswear and womenswear distinguished by higher quality fabrics and more exact tailoring.  

Mango began its U.S. expansion plan in 2022 with the opening of its flagship store New York.  In 2023, Mango announced plans to expand into the United States bringing its Mediterranean-inspired store concept to over 15 new U.S. stores. And so began our involvement in Mango's retail program.

The new store finish-out at The Shops at La Cantera Mall in San Antonio was our first of many in its expansion program.  Tenant improvements for the new 4,984 SF Mango store included all new interior finishes, updated electrical distribution, construction of new non-load bearing partitions, installation of a new storefront, and replacement of existing HVAC units. 

To help ensure a successful outcome, it was crucial to guide the Mango team through the local permitting and inspection processes, which differ from those in their international locations. By helping them understand the different types of inspections (such as MEP rough-ins and MEP finals), common reasons for inspection failures, etc., we developed strategies to prepare for these issues and meet all local regulatory requirements. This comprehensive understanding not only facilitated smoother project execution but also minimized the risk of costly rework and project delays.

In addition, delivering a high-quality build-out was paramount in successfully presenting Mango’s brand as they build awareness in the U.S. Mango’s Mediterranean-themed design concept required careful attention to every detail from the arched partitions and the LED strips integrated into the millwork to the oak finishes textured walls. Our commitment to and success in ensuring a quality build-out supports Mango’s brand presentation and ongoing expansion efforts.

Mango at North Star Mall (San Antonio, TX) by Westwood Contractors, Inc.
Mango at King of Prussia Mall (Pennsylvania) by Westwood Contactors, Inc.